Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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What Are Pay Per Click Ads?

Pay Per Click and Pay Per Click is also known as Cost Per Click and used as an Internet Advertising Model.  You can buy Pay Per Click Advertising to advertise a website.  Advertisers bid on keywords and keyword phrases relevant to their target market.  Each time a person does a search and happens to see a Sponsored or Featured Ad (paid ad listed) and clicks on it, the buyer pays a fixed price per click.

 Learn How To Earn Money The Free Way

Publishers who place Pay Per Click Ads on their websites, blogs and articles can earn income if a visitor clicks on a Pay Per Click Ad.  In a sense Publishers are selling their website, blog or articles real-estate space.  The more people who visit your websites, blogs and articles the more of a chance a visitors will see an ad they want to click to learn more about it.  The more clicks you get the more money you can make.

I'm a successful Internet Publisher and I'm an active Publisher to many Publisher Programs.  I appreciate the free opportunity Publisher Programs offer Webmasters like myself.  I'm an article writer, blogger, website creator, and also a Youtube Partner.  Each time I write an article, blog, a new webpage or record a Youtube video, Publisher Ads get shown on my work and the more I write and record videos the more of a chance I have to earn residual income.

Publisher Programs Are Free To Join

The first Publisher Program that accepted me into their program was Adsense.  I started to write articles at Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites and I blogged a few blogs using blogger.  After writing a couple of dozen articles and a few blogger blogs, I decided to apply to the Adsense Program.  In less than a week I was accepted into the Adsense Program and I still write quality content to show Adsense Publisher Ads on my articles, blogs, websites, and Youtube videos.  The Adsense Publisher Program is linked to the Youtube Partnership Program and each time I earn money from ads shown on my videos, the money is sent directly into my Adsense account.

Adsense is not the only Publisher Program available on the web.  I know of dozens of Publisher Programs and I'm a member of many of them but I would not doubt if there were many more available to join.  The Publisher Programs listed below are some of the Publisher Programs I use to earn money online.


Chitika offers a Publisher several ways to generate income.  From my experience and in my opinion, Chitika is the next upcoming Publisher Program.  Chitika has evolved and in turn has become a solid stream of income for me especially since they introduced Chitika Apps.  Chitika has 25 different size Text Ads to choose from, Chitika Linx In-Text Ads, Chitika Hover Ads, (I really like the Hover Ads) and Chitika Highlight Ads.  To learn more about Chitika and to join, CLICK HERE to visit the Chitika website.  You won't be disappointed.


Infolinks is my next favorite.  Infolinks In-Text Ads are so easy to integrate.  I simply go to the integrate section within my account, copy the code then paste the code right before the closing </body> tag in my website's HTML.  I do the same to most of my blogs too.  Infolinks lets you choose which platform you would like Infolinks In-Text Ads to show.  Choose from JavaScript (any platform), WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, and Joomla.  Infolinks offers In-Text Ads, InSearch Ads and InTag Ads.  You should check out how these ads work because they all offer a uniqueness to any website or blog.  You can also choose the Ad Unit color too.  Infolinks fills web content with lots of information.  CLICK HERE to visit Infolinks.


I've been a adBrite Publisher for a long time but recently started to sign in to become more familiar with it because I plan on using adBrite Ads on my next website.  I know a few Publishers who I met online and they love the adBrite Publisher Program.  The adBrite products available are Full Page Ads, CPM Banners, CPC Banners, CPC Text - Banners (Content Ads), CPC Text -Inline (Keyword Contextual Targeting), Video In-Banner, and Video Pre-Roll.


I mix it up when I create blogs or add a webpage to my websites.  Depending on how I advertise, some blogs and websites I show Adsense Ads, Chitika Ads and Infolinks In-Text Ads mixed with Google Affiliate Network or Amazon products.  There is no particular pattern I follow but rather what feels right when I write.

If joining Publisher Programs sound intimidating but you still would like to learn how to earn money online from writing, you should look into Redgage and Bubblews.  Both these Revenue Sharing Platforms are free to join without need of joining Publisher Programs.  Redgage pays with a Redgage Visa Debit card and Bubblews sends payments to PayPal accounts, pays with a check or pays you with a Visa Debit card.  These Revenue Sharing Websites are very easy to use to learn how to earn without the hassle of joining Publisher Programs individually.



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