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Some of the top keywords and phrases opportunity seekers look up at Search Engines are how to make money, money making, ways to make money online, and make money from home just to name a few.  The interest of how to make money online, at home and in spare time does attract people who seek out ways to supplement their income without having to physically be someplace else other than their home.  With responsibilities like raising a family or taking care of elders, earning money online is an attractive opportunity that can be worked on 24-7 in a persons spare time.

If a person decides to focus on one niche and sticks to it wholeheartedly, that person can ride the wave to earning good steady extra income.  For example, I enjoy writing online so I decided to put all my focus writing informative content to place Pay Per Click Ads on my articles, blogs and websites.  I now earn daily residual income because I've been writing online for years.  If you wanted to take a different course of action such as taking online surveys which many years ago I did, you could earn extra monthly income too.  I did earn extra monthly income taking surveys online and taking surveys online led me to writing online to earn money.  Another way you can earn money online is to sell products and services.  If you learn how to become a vigorous Internet Marketer, you can sell individual products or services to earn commission or recurring commission and this is what the rest of this blog page will speak about.  I too earn commission selling products and services online and feel it compliments the Pay Per Click Publisher income I earn.  I add a few related product banners and service banners to many of my articles, blogs and websites and sometimes I make a sale or a visitor signs up to use a service which might turn into a recurring commission.

I understand that there are dozens of different Online Affiliate Program opportunities you can join for free to sell products and services but spreading yourself thin creates more work in the long run.  I joined many Online Affiliate Programs years ago and decided I should pick a handful of my favorites and stick with them.  It is very easy to spread yourself thin in the beginning partially due to the learning curve and eagerness to learn it all as fast as possible however; joining many Online Affiliate Programs did help me decide which Affiliate Programs I will continue to use for years to come.


I'm gradually incorporating products and services to my articles, blogs and websites from the Online Affiliate Programs listed below.

  • Google Affiliate Network - Each time I earn commission the commission gets delivered to my Adsense account.
  • LinkShare - I request payment through direct deposit but you can get paid pay check.
  • Amazon - Amazon pays me through PayPal and from PayPal I transfer commissions to bank account.
  • ShareASale - I request payment through direct deposit.
  • AdClickMedia -  I get paid through PayPal but you can get paid by check.

The five Online Affiliate Programs listed above are the Affiliate Programs I will use for years to come.  I know there are many other Affiliate Programs available to join but joining too many of them can become confusing and create more work in the long run.  My plan is to become proficient with all of them.  From this point on I can only get better.

Because this blog is created using blogger by Google, I want to inform you that blogger has connected the Google Affiliate Network to blogs that qualify.  When you are in the Post Edit section of blogger, if the blog qualifies to show Google Affiliate Network Ads, you will see on the right side of the page under Post Settings a Sub Post Setting showing ADVERTISE PRODUCTS.  Blogger makes it real easy to incorporate Google Affiliate Network Ads onto a blogger blog.

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It is possible to create multiple streams of residual income as a Publisher and an Online Affiliate Networker.