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Becoming a Youtube Partner is one of the many ways I earn additional residual income on the web.  I have two Youtube channels that earn me daily residual income and at the same time I use the two Youtube channels to advertise my articles, blogs and websites.

Continue To Read To Learn How I Became A Youtube Partner - I Love Sharing My Story

On November 1, 2010 I decided to join Youtube.  My plan was to use Youtube as a free form of Internet Marketing.  I figured I would record videos speaking about how I write articles and blogs to earn income online.  I bought a Logitech Web Cam, took the time to learn how to record videos to upload to Youtube and did my very best speaking about where I wrote online to generate revenue.  As time went on I continued to record videos that started to receive organic traffic and I would promote the video URL's on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The Youtube channel name is HomeBaseIncome101.

About June 2011, Youtube sent me an email asking if I would like to join the Youtube Partnership Program.  I was an Adsense Publisher already so accepting the invitation to join was a BIG YES.  I followed the directions to enable ads to show on my videos and any time I earned revenue, Youtube would send the money directly to my Adsense account.  The Youtube Partnership Program is connected to the Adsense Publisher Program.  Both are run by Google.


On June 5, 2011, I decided to create a second Youtube channel.  Why?  Because I wanted a unique channel to upload Internet education videos to show visitors how to use and navigate through free resource platforms and to show how to use several different Social Network platforms as a form of Internet Marketing.  By the time I created the second Youtube channel I got pretty good at recording educational videos using Cam Studio.  As time went on I continued doing what I do best and it happened again.  Youtube sent me an email invitation to join their Youtube Partnership Program.  Wow, I never thought they would ask me to join the program again through the second Youtube channel.  I was thrilled and of course said yes.  The second Youtube channel name is InternetEducation101.  Having two Youtube channels entered into the Youtube Partnership Program helped me generate Adsense revenue faster.

I wanted to share the story of how I became a Youtube Partner because I figured if someone wanted to become a Youtube Partner my story would give them some insight to how the process works.  I did not ask but instead created a Youtube account, filled in the profile information, started to record videos then promoted the videos on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I let the channel gradually grow it's Subscribers and waited for Youtube to contact me and by doing so it was so easy to enable ads to show on my videos.

CLICK HERE to visit the HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube Channel

CLICK HERE to visit the InternetEducation101 Youtube Channel

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